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Modern Toss

February 2010

An Interview with Modern Toss
by The Stone Twins



1) What is Modern Toss?
Modern Toss started off as a website and comic full of cartoons we couldn’t get published anywhere else cos there was too much swearing in them. The first Modern Toss cartoon was a bloke leading his dog through the park with a string of shit behind him so he could find his way home. Mr Tourette the abusive signwriter was a very early favourite. Anyone who’s ever had a job recognises Tourette’s urge to ignore the brief and do whatever the fuck he likes

2) Who are Mick Bunnage and Jon Link? What fields have you worked in before?
Jon used to sell ice creams for a living and Mick used to stack chairs. We first started working together on a magazine, then got kicked out of it and started up our own comic. Originally we were going to call our comic  ‘Shitflap’ but when we printed it out and looked at it it made us feel sick. So we changed it to Modern Toss. When we get fed up with that we’ll change it to something else.

3) The various outlets of Modern Toss are hilarious - but, on another level, they provide an important critique on modern life. Do you agree - and what other artists do this?
We are constantly examining the shifting trends and changes of modern society. Then we a draw a cartoon of a man pissing into a box. We’d like to see Constable try that.

4) Where did the urge to make a commentary on the mundanity of modern life come from?
Mainly from sitting in offices/buses/trains listening to the shit that comes out of peoples mouths. We feel it’s our duty to immortalise it in comics and fridge magnets.

5) How come you can’t draw?
We draw in real time to the words that come out of our mouths. try it, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

6) Some of the characters are great (for example, Dogkiller / Home-Clubber / Drive-by abuser / Mr Tourette); which ones are your favourites and why? and favourite taglines?
Our favourite character is probably Drive-by Abuser. He’s the one you’d be most likely to go on holiday with and still be mates with afterwards. He taps into everything that we’re about.
Interestingly enough he’s the first of our characters to have his own iphone app. Our favourite tagline is Mr Tourrette’s ‘what are you some sort of cunt?”

7) This weird, obnoxious and offensive humour often goes over the (tall) heads of our Dutch colleagues. Can you explain this British gift for cutting satire?
It’s something to do with living on an island, packed out with idiots, pressure-cooker style. Have you been here recently- it’s like Alcatraz.

8) What do you think of Dutch people?
They’re excellent, they like fucking things and orange and they don’t care who knows about it. Jon picked up a lot of information on the Dutch, when he worked in Rotterdam wirh Rem Koolhouse on his ‘Content’ magazine, he enjoyed it so much it’s now his favourite country.

9) What is the ‘Future’Toss?
We going to make a feature film about a blokes brain, that’s all we can say at the moment. We’ll also have a new comic out in February, and a London exhibition of our new work in the summer. Our comics, bags and prints are available here at Buy something now and help kickstart the British economy yeah!

Interview by The Stone Twins to Mick Bunnage and Jon Link
© Creatie Magazine (Adformatie Groep), February 2010

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