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AniMMMMal 2013

Client: MassiveMusic & MediaMonks (2013)
We devised the theme AniMMMMal for the 2013 edition of the MassiveMusic & MediaMonks (MMMM) Cannes Party. The promo films and website invited guests to answer the question: “What type of AniMMMMal are you?”

MassiveMusic and MediaMonks Cannes Party


The website had a dual goal to promote the event (party), and function as a registration portal for all 3,000 invitees - a target audience from the world’s best advertising agencies.

In order to attend the party, each guest had to register as a particular species of ANIMMMMAL: a unique ecosystem in Adland that includes the COPYFLOPPER (Tagline produceros), the TWEET-FACE SPROG (Pointless babblerous), the ASSHAT (Creativous self-importantus) and the WANDERING PLEB (Freelancian coprovores), amongst others. A ‘Carl Linnaeus’ generator translated the name of each guest into a latin sub-species. Find out who migrated to Cannes at

Please Do Not Feed The Dee Jay (with lousy music requests): Mr. Tommy Zee

Dee Jay (Peteus tongis) - A nocturnal migratory creature. Loves to attack humans with thumping steamroller beats: Cinnaman

Party Credits:
Concept, Creative-Direction, Design & Copywriting: The Stone Twins


Production: MediaMonks


Promo Films

Director: Rogier Schalken (MediaMonks Films)
D.O.P.: Mick van Dantzig

Editor: Sander van Wijk

Production: MediaMonks
Grading: Sander van Wijk
Sound Production: MassiveMusic


Party visuals
Animation & VJ: Circus Family