The Stone Twins

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IKEA ‘Woonsdag’

Client: Strawberry Frog / IKEA Nederland (2003)
Creation of brand name and campaign identity for a series of themed IKEA events on consecutive Wednesdays. The deceptively simple ‘Woonsdag’ is a hybrid of the Dutch words for living (woon) and Wednesday (woensdag).

For the campaign launch, the Wednesday edition of the Metro newspaper was changed to a special ‘Woonsdag’ - or living day - version. Woonsdag transformed IKEA’s slowest day into one of its busiest. Initially planned for just 10 weeks, the campaign was extended for a further two years. If that was due to the bargains on offer or the specially commissioned Woonsdag song, we’ll never know.

Client: Strawberry Frog Amsterdam / IKEA Nederland
Creative: The Stone Twins