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Logo R.I.P.

Client: Self-Initiated (2012)
The Stone Twins wrote and designed Logo R.I.P., a book that commemorates 50 defunct logos. Their core thesis is that retired logos that were once an integral part of our visual culture and lives are worthy of commemoration, or even preservation. Many of the included trademarks may be regarded as icons of their time or international design classics.

Logo R.I.P. - The Stone Twins

Imperial Airlines/BOAC ‘Speedbird’ / 1932–1984 / Design: Theyre Lee-Elliott (UK)

Xerox ‘Digital X’ / 1994–2008 / Design: Landor Associates (USA)

Telecom Éireann ‘TE’ / 1983–1999 / Design: Kilkenny Design Workshops (IRL)

British Steel ‘S’ / 1969–1999 / Design: David Gentleman (UK)

BP ‘Shield’ / 1930–2000 / Design: Various

Robertson’s ‘Golly’ / 1910–2001 / Design: Unknown

Pan Am ‘Blue Globe’ / 1958–1991 / Design: Edward L. Barnes Assoc. (USA)

Kodak ‘K’ / 1971–2006 / Design: Peter J. Oestreich (USA)

In the 2012 updated edition, the logos of Abbey National, AT&T, DSM, Kodak, Lucent, Rover and Xerox are added to the logo graveyard – a selection that includes some of the past century’s most resonant graphic symbols, such as BOAC, British Steel, CCA, NASA and Pan Am. Each entry includes a short, yet comprehensive, design and cultural history to ensure that although these logos may be gone, they are not forgotten.

Logo R.I.P. includes a foreword by design luminary Gert Dumbar and is reissued in a gold gilt-edged edition. You can obtain the book from: BIS Publishers or Amazon

Logo R.I.P. has received numerous accolades, including the creative industry’s top honours: a Silver Lamp by the ADCN (Art-Directors Club of the Netherlands) and a Wood Pencil by the D&AD. The book was also included in the major international exhibition “Graphic Design – Now in Production” co-organised by Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.

For more information, please visit: Logo R.I.P. Facebook or Logo R.I.P. Website