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MM&MM 2012

Client: MassiveMusic & MediaMonks (2012)
We devised the concept ‘MM&MM - The World’s Biggest Agency (for one night only)’ as a theme for a party hosted by MassiveMusic & MediaMonks (MM&MM), held during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

We created a spoof ad agency website that invited people to join MM&MM “for one night only”. They were encouraged to apply for the various job positions (courtesy of the Job Title Generator in the CAREERS section). As each person registered for the party, their surname was added to the long-winded agency name on the hompage. Overall, the copy aims to be humorous, engaging and an irreverent take on the advertising world that its target audience is immersed in. Check it out for yourself on:

The website had a dual goal to promote the event (party), and function as a registration portal for all 3,000 invitees - a target audience from the world’s best advertising agencies.



The venue was decorated with the ridiculously long agency name, composed of the names of all guests. On large LED screens, powerful motivational phrases were interspersed with profile photos of the party-goers, their absurd job-titles and live Twitter feeds. The DJ booth was housed in a humongous photocopier. In addition, regular copy machines were placed throughout and encouraged guests to engage in the ultimate office-party ritual. See a film of the party here.

Concept, Creative-Direction, Design & Copy: The Stone Twins
Design (website): The Stone Twins & Marius Roosendaal
Production (website): MediaMonks
Production (party): Syndiqate
Party Photos: Maurice Mikker
Party visuals Animation & VJ: Circus Family