The Stone Twins

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Client: SoundCircus (2007)
Visual identity for SoundCircus, a studio that creates voice-overs for radio, TV and online advertising. At first glance, patterns of sound waves may appear obvious, but on closer inspection these waves are composed of engaging and fun messages. This innovative typographic approach was awarded a coveted Dutch Design Award in 2008.

The text on each application can only be read when the page is tilted at an extreme angle. Different slogans are scripted in circus and sound lingo, for example: “The Greatest Sound Studio on Earth featuring Kees and his Amazing Twiddling Knobs”, “The Stupendous Standing Waves” and “Death-Defying Audio Acts, Astounding Acoustics, Gravity Defying Balancing and Hilarious Voiceovers!”. The multitude of colour combinations extends the playfulness of the identity.

SoundCircus was crowned ‘Best Corporate Identity’ at the Dutch Design Awards 2008. It also won a D&AD ‘Wood Pencil’ in 2008.