The Stone Twins

Instantaneous Information

St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2014

Self-initiated (2014)
An irreverent take on the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The virtual procession is a celebration of some of the good, and not-so-good, aspects of contemporary Irish culture.

Art-Direction and Copywriting: The Stone Twins
Typeface: O’Helvetica (a Gaelic script adaptation of Helvetica designed by The Stone Twins)
Post-Production: WRKS

Cast in order of appearance: Stephen Roche, Grand Marshal, Garda Band playing U2 tunes, Johnny Logan (What's Another Feckin' Year), Dildo and Diddley Dee, Dara Ó Briainin, Jedward, Abel Alarms, Majorettes (from Boston), Majorettes (goose-pimpled and blue legged from Dublin), Troika, Chris de Burgh's eyebrow, Louis Walsh in green lycra, Craic Dealers, Drunken, Joycean, Beckettian and Doylean Scholars, Barack O'Bama, Paedophile Priests, Genuflecting Leprechauns, Abel Alarms (again), Gay Lick Dancers, Inflatable Pint, Chaser, Scum-Bag-Pipe-Band, Obnoxious Budget Airline, There's only two Keanos, Funky Marching Band, Big Eejits (with tin whistles and bodhráns), Larry Gogan's 'Golden Shower', Jean Byrne twerking, Chronic Drunks, Rory McIlroy's little balls, Bono (God) with The Edge, More Drunks, Grumphy Dunphy, Waving Americans (5th generation Irish), Bertie Ahern and 'brown envelopes', Shenanigans and Paddywhackery, Waving Americans (12th generation Irish), Panti-Bliss, Seán Fitzpatrick, Low Corporate Tax and U.S. Tech Firms, Dick, Midge with a shillelagh, Midget, Shitfaced gobshites